Parque Ecologico Chipinque: December 9, 2017

It snowed late this week in northern Mexico, and the Monterrey metropolitan area surprisingly received a light dusting. Up in the mountains there was even some accumulation, and on Saturday I encountered a few remaining patches of snow in the shaded recesses of Chipinque. I also continued my streak of seeing at least one new bird on each visit, recording a Long-Billed Thrasher poking around in the leaf litter. Aside from a few small mixed flocks, bird activity was low, but it was still a treat to hike the hills in winter weather.

Notable birds seen: Empidonax flycatcher, Mexican Jay, Black-Crested Titmouse, Carolina Wren, Ruby-Crowned Kinglet, Blue-Headed Vireo, Hutton's Vireo, Long-Billed Thrasher, Hermit Thrush, Black-Throated Green Warbler, Black-and-White Warbler, Painted Redstart, Rufous-Capped Warbler, Hepatic Tanager. 

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