Parque Ecologico Chipinque: October 15, 2017

There was hardly a bird astir this Sunday afternoon. I kept my camera in my backpack until the late evening when I encountered a group of Clay-Colored Thrushes bathing in a shallow pool on the trail. Clouds of mosquitos encouraged me not to linger too long at any one spot, but I had to stop at a clearing to admire the ridge line of the nearby Sierra Las Mitras (for the lapsed Catholic, a miter is the ceremonial headdress of bishops). The panorama surrounding Monterrey is among the most spectacular of any city I have visited, rivaling that of Rio de Janeiro or Cape Town.

Notable birds seen: Band-Tailed Pigeon, Mexican Jay, Clay-Colored Thrush, Hepatic Tanager, Rufous-Capped Warbler.

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